Differences between Rafting and Hydrospeed

If you are a water sports enthusiast, looking for a thrilling adventure in nature, the Barcelonnette valley, located in the French Southern Alps, is an ideal place to satisfy your adrenaline thirst. To make your choice among all the water activities available to you, it is important to know the differences between Rafting and Hydrospeed.

Although they both involve going down a river like the Ubaye, they offer different experiences. In this article, we will explore the difference between Rafting and Hydrospeed to help you choose the activity that suits you best.

What to choose between Hydrospeed and rafting? We explain and advise you!

Rafting in Ubaye

What is the difference between rafting and Hydrospeed? We answer your questions.

Rafting on the Ubaye is a group activity that is practiced in a pneumatic boat called raft. Participants sit aboard the raft and use paddles to navigate through the rapids of the Ubaye River. This experience is suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to the most experienced, because it is supervised by professional guides who ensure safety and give instructions.

The benefit of Rafting is that it provides a social experience, as you share the adventure with other people. It is also a great option for families or groups of friends, as it promotes collaboration and teamwork to maneuver the raft. Moreover, rafting allows you to admire the magnificent landscapes of the Ubaye valley while letting yourself be carried by the rapids.

Hydrospeed in Ubaye

Rafting or hydrospeed? You do not know what to choose ? Contact us!

Hydrospeed on the Ubaye, also known as “ whitewater swimming“, is a more individual and intense activity. Unlike rRafting, where you sit in a boat, Hydrospeed allows you to float down the river while lying on a special foam board. You are equipped with fins to propel you and a reinforced isothermal suit to protect you from the cold of the water.

L'Hydrospeed offers a more immersive experience, because you are directly in contact with living water. You can feel the power of the rapids and experience the thrills they provide. This is an activity reserved for people in good physical condition and with some swimming skills. Expert guides accompany you throughout the route and ensure your safety.

What are the differences between Rafting or Hydrospeed: how to choose?

CriteriaRafting UbayeHydrospeed Ubaye
DescriptionGroup descent of the river in an inflatable boat.Individual whitewater activity lying on a float.
EquipmentRaft, neoprene wetsuit, paddle, vest, helmet.Hydrospeed, fin, neoprene wetsuits, helmet vest.
Level Suitable for beginners, families and anyone who wants to discover white water.Suitable for good swimmers with good physical condition.
SensationGroup sharing and cooperation. User-friendly.Autonomy.
Itinerary9km route.6 km route.
DifficultyVaries depending on the river and the route.Varies depending on the practitioner and their technical level.
LandscapesAlpine landscape and pleasures to enjoyCloser view of the water and interaction with the current
AccessibilityFrom 5 yearsFrom 10 to good physical health
SecurityProfessional raft instructorProfessional Hydrospeed instructor
PopularityVery popular activity in the Barcelonnette valleyLess widespread activity, but appreciated by swimmers or people seeking thrills.
Price50 €55 €

Differences between Rafting or Hydrospeed in summary:

  • Rafting and Hydrospeed in Ubaye offer different experiences for water sports enthusiasts. Rafting is ideal for those looking for asocial, friendly and accessible activity at all levels.
  • Hydrospeed, on the other hand, is more suitable for people looking for thrills and a more individual and intense experience.

If you're looking for a thrilling water adventure in the Barcelonnette Valley, we're here to help! Whether you are interested in Rafting or Hydrospeed, we are able to provide you with all the necessary information to allow you to make the choice that best meets your expectations.

We know that planning an adventure can sometimes be complicated, which is why we're here to help you every step of the way. Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain answers to your questions, personalized advice or additional recommendations.


Caroline Aalbers
Caroline Aalbers
Wat een geweldige ervaring, raften over de Ubaye! Prachtige natuur, mooie afwisselende tocht (inclusief zwemmen en in het water springen!) en geschikt voor elk niveau. Onze kinderen (6 en 9 jaar) hebben een super eerste raft ervaring gehad, mede dankzij onze leuke en goede gids. Ze willen zeker nog een keer :-)
Ziga Budja
Ziga Budja
Wonderfull family rafting experience. Just a little bit too much for my sensitive eight year old, but great overall. The river is beautiful with nice surroundings. The guide was excellent (forgot his name 🙄) and the whole team was very nice. The trip down the river took about one and a half hour with some stops. If you visit this place, your're not gonna be sorry! 👍🏻
Un lieu calme et agréable, accueillit par une équipe sympathique. Mise à disposition du barbecue pour le repas du midi avant le rafting. Tout est là pour votre bonheur.
Jerome Henry
Jerome Henry
Merci @CrazyWaterRafting pour les moments géniaux en famille. Nous avons fait rafting, rando aquatique et kayak avec 2 adultes et 2 ados : génial !! Guides super sympa, très pro, Contrairement à ce que l'on entend a la télé, le niveau d'eau dans cette rivière et plus que suffisant pour s'éclater ! Nb: la rando aquatique n'est pas très connue mais super aussi, descente de la rivière en nageant, dans un secteur plus calme que celui pour le rafting. Explication sur la nature, superbe paysages, surprise à la fin... Encore merci. Jérôme, Caroline, Charlotte et Manon.
Shameer Habibi
Shameer Habibi
Really fun, and a really good guide! Overall amazing
Melanie Macias
Melanie Macias
Top top top
Lorenzo Van Loon
Lorenzo Van Loon
We did two descents, one by raft and one by kayak, both with Julien as a guide. He seems totally crazy when you first meet him, but he was a great guide and made our day. Really spectacular river, with a lot of rapids and great views. We got out of the boats to swim a bit in one of the rapids and they took us to a rock where we could jump in to the water. Julien and the crew of Crazy Water are real professionals, but in for a laugh and a joke. A pity we could'n do the 'sport' descent, because of bad weather. But we sure come back. One remark; their 'bar' is quite empty, so make sure to bring your own drinks and food if you're planning to stay for a day.
verriez virginie
verriez virginie