what to do in barcelonnette when it rains?

What to do in Barcelonnette in the rain?

Are you looking for activities to do in Barcelonnette when it rains? Discover our guide to exploring the city without fear of showers!

What to do around Barcelonnette in case of bad weather?

What to do in Barcelonnette when it rains?

Are you planning a trip to Barcelonnette, nestled in the impressive Ubaye valley, but are faced with unpredictable weather? No worries! The city and its surroundings, rich in heritage, culture And entertainment, offer a multitude of activities, whatever the weather.

Whether your trip is family, romantic or between friends, Barcelonnette will satisfy your thirst for adventure and discovery, even in the rain. This guide highlights a selection of covered activities, perfect for enriching your stay despite the rain.

Discover why Barcelonnette and the Ubaye valley remain a destination of choice for a memorable vacation, regardless of the weather!

Face white water: even if it means getting wet

The first activity to consider when it rains is a white water descent on the Ubaye River.

Stop getting wet! THE rafting, L'hydrospeed and the kayak raft take on a whole new dimension in the rain, offering a unique atmosphere of adventure and expedition. The landscapes are radically transformed, without fear of sudden rises in water, our routes are adapted to these weather conditions.

Book now and dive into the action with crazy water rafting!

After all, you might as well take full advantage of the water: our combinations made from quality neoprene will keep you warm.

Explore the cultural gems of Barcelonnette

Barcelonnette stands out not only as a magnificent destination for nature and sports enthusiasts, but also as a vital center of cultural heritage. For lovers of art, history and unique explorations, Barcelonnette offers an enriching experience, even in the rain.

Visit the Valley Museum

Barcelonnette Museum

Located in the majestic villa La Sapinière, one of the most sumptuous Mexican villas built in 1878 by Alexandre Reynaud, a successful entrepreneur returning from Mexico, the Valley Museum is a window on the fascinating history of the migrations of the inhabitants of Ubaye. Through its varied collections, including archaeology, ethnography, fine arts, contemporary art and photography, visitors can discover an impressive range of art objects.

At the museum, you will have the opportunity to admire rare pre-Columbian pieces, sublime orientalist paintings, authentic traditional costumes, as well as poignant memories of emigrants to Mexico. This vibrant cultural venue also offers temporary exhibitions And cultural events throughout the year, thus continually enriching its offering.

Relaxation and fun protected from rain

If the idea of you entertain without getting wet attracts you, Barcelonnette and its surroundings are full of activities to practice indoors. Whether you are passionate about movie theater, lover of swimming, or in search ofadventure, a multitude of options are available to you.

A cinema screening at Ciné Ubaye

Located in the heart of Barcelonnette, the Cinema Ubaye is a charming country cinema offering a wide selection of films, from arthouses to blockbusters. With its two rooms, one of which is equipped with small private lounges for 2 to 4 people, it promises an experience intimate cinematographic. For screening times, consult the cinema website or specialized platforms.

The cinema offers the possibility of using discount cards and cinema vouchers, and has a bar and a lounge area offering a magnificent view of the basin.

Dive into the Barcelonnette indoor swimming pool

Open duringsummer, from July to September, the Barcelonnette municipal swimming pool is perfectly equipped to satisfy young and old. In addition to its large pool and paddling pool, the water, heated to 28.5°C, ensures optimal comfort. The relaxation area includes a hammam, a sauna, a whirlpool bath, as well as a solarium, two aquabikes, and a green picnic area adds to the charm of the place.

With affordable prices, including booklet, season or group card offers, the swimming pool also offers swimming lessons. swimming and D'water aerobics.

Challenge between friends in a local escape game

escape game Ubaye

For lovers of challenges and D'riddles, the escape games of the Ubaye valley offer unique and stimulating experiences. From the mystery to be solved in the dark at Fort Saint-Ours Haut, to the forest escape combining a walk and reflection, or the avalanche escape simulating a mountain rescue mission, each adventure is an experience unusual winter Do not miss.

These activities guarantee a moment of sharing captivating And unforgettable, whatever your choice.

Gourmet break and shopping

Explore the treasures of Barcelonnette and treat yourself to gourmet and shopping break. The city is full of opportunities to savor delicious dishes, treat yourself to a moment of pleasure or choose unforgettable souvenirs.

Taste local specialties in indoor cafes and restaurants

In the heart of Barcelonnette, come and discover a rich gastronomy, marked by Provençal, Alpine traditions and Mexican influences. Savor Local specialties such as cachaille, raviole, fumeton, gnocchi, tarte des Alpes, or even crouzet. The city offers a variety of cafes and restaurants, suitable for all tastes and budgets, from cozy bistros to gourmet restaurants.

Don't miss out on visiting The Tinto, known for its inventive cuisine based on local products, or Diligence, which will transport you with its Mexican dishes and exotic cocktails.

Cooking workshop: learn to cook a typical regional dish

For those wishing to fully immerse themselves in the local culture, take part in a cooking workshop in Barcelonnette. You will learn how to prepare a regional dish such as chard pie, crozets gratin or pistou soup, guided by an experienced chef. It’s a unique opportunity to taste your work and leave with a new recipe.

Take part in the workshops offered by Mathieu Furniture, a welcoming space equipped for culinary events, or discover Morel kitchens, specialist in custom kitchens offering cooking classes in its showroom.

Get out of the Ubaye valley

Museoscope glass clamp

Leave the Ubaye valley and go less than an hour's drive to discover the Museoscope. Dive into the history and creation of Serre-Ponçon lake, where legends and realities mingle. Explore the fascinating history of the village's relocation and admire Europe's largest dam. A captivating excursion that promises an immersive dive into the past and geography of the region.

Discover Apiland, a fascinating destination for nature and bee lovers. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of beekeeping and explore the secrets of hives. With interactive and educational activities for the whole family, Apiland promises a memorable experience at the heart of the life of bees. Prepare to be amazed by the beauty and importance of these precious pollinators.

What to do in Barcelonnette when it rains?

Barcelonnette in the rain reveals much more than one could imagine. Far from being a hindrance, the capricious weather becomes the perfect opportunity to explore cultural, fun and gastronomic richness of this town and its valley. Whether your passions include history, cinema, sport, cooking, or shopping, our selection of activities covered will guarantee your satisfaction.

Don't let the weather dictate your vacation and Book now your stay in Barcelonnette. With or without sun, it is the dream destination for successful vacation !

Caroline Aalbers
Caroline Aalbers
Wat een geweldige ervaring, raften over de Ubaye! Prachtige natuur, mooie afwisselende tocht (inclusief zwemmen en in het water springen!) en geschikt voor elk niveau. Onze kinderen (6 en 9 jaar) hebben een super eerste raft ervaring gehad, mede dankzij onze leuke en goede gids. Ze willen zeker nog een keer :-)
Ziga Budja
Ziga Budja
Wonderfull family rafting experience. Just a little bit too much for my sensitive eight year old, but great overall. The river is beautiful with nice surroundings. The guide was excellent (forgot his name 🙄) and the whole team was very nice. The trip down the river took about one and a half hour with some stops. If you visit this place, your're not gonna be sorry! 👍🏻
Un lieu calme et agréable, accueillit par une équipe sympathique. Mise à disposition du barbecue pour le repas du midi avant le rafting. Tout est là pour votre bonheur.
Jerome Henry
Jerome Henry
Merci @CrazyWaterRafting pour les moments géniaux en famille. Nous avons fait rafting, rando aquatique et kayak avec 2 adultes et 2 ados : génial !! Guides super sympa, très pro, Contrairement à ce que l'on entend a la télé, le niveau d'eau dans cette rivière et plus que suffisant pour s'éclater ! Nb: la rando aquatique n'est pas très connue mais super aussi, descente de la rivière en nageant, dans un secteur plus calme que celui pour le rafting. Explication sur la nature, superbe paysages, surprise à la fin... Encore merci. Jérôme, Caroline, Charlotte et Manon.
Shameer Habibi
Shameer Habibi
Really fun, and a really good guide! Overall amazing
Melanie Macias
Melanie Macias
Top top top
Lorenzo Van Loon
Lorenzo Van Loon
We did two descents, one by raft and one by kayak, both with Julien as a guide. He seems totally crazy when you first meet him, but he was a great guide and made our day. Really spectacular river, with a lot of rapids and great views. We got out of the boats to swim a bit in one of the rapids and they took us to a rock where we could jump in to the water. Julien and the crew of Crazy Water are real professionals, but in for a laugh and a joke. A pity we could'n do the 'sport' descent, because of bad weather. But we sure come back. One remark; their 'bar' is quite empty, so make sure to bring your own drinks and food if you're planning to stay for a day.
verriez virginie
verriez virginie