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Avoid stress while rafting, for a pleasant descent on the Ubaye!

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Stress in Rafting

Let's admit it. Rafting can be an intimidating and stressful sport, especially when you're just starting out. Knowing how to manage your stress while rafting is therefore one of the keys to having a good time on the water. Fortunately, there are very simple and easy-to-implement stress management methods (we'll explain that to you) and you can avoid a lot of pressure by preparing properly 👍

On this page, Crazy Water Rafting therefore offers you a short practical guide to stress management in rafting. If you are naturally anxious, have a coffee and read this page quietly! Good reading !

Understanding stress while rafting

Stress is a normal reaction of the body to a situation perceived as a threat or danger. In rafting, stress can be generated by several factors such as the sound of the water, speed, the unknown, obstacles, fear of falling into the water, confidence in oneself and in one's team, etc.

There are different levels of stress, ranging from positive stress to extreme stress that can affect performance and safety.

If you are on an easy course with calm water, you may feel some positive stress, which is stimulating and motivating. On the other hand, if you are on a difficult course with technical rapids, you may feel some negative stress, which can prevent you from fully enjoying the experience.

When you are too stressed while rafting, it can result in loss of concentration, decreased responsiveness, increased heart rate, excessive muscle tension, etc. These symptoms can lead to errors and accidents that could be avoided if stress levels were better managed.

In the most extreme cases, stress can even force you to stop rafting. If you feel too anxious or panicked, you may no longer enjoy the experience and endanger your safety and that of other members of your team.

Brief !

Now let's move on to the heart of the matter: how to manage this stress? Or even better, how can you simply avoid it?

Stress while rafting

Breathing and relaxation

Breathing is one of the simplest and most effective methods of reducing stress while rafting. Take the time to focus on your breathing and inhale deeply through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth.

You can also practice progressive muscle relaxation by contracting and then releasing each muscle group in the body, which helps reduce muscle tension and stress levels.

Obviously, this method will not work during the descent, you will be too busy managing the rapids 😅

Positive visualization

Positive visualization is a technique that involves imagining a stressful situation in a positive light.

Before your rafting trip, take the time to visualize your success and imagine yourself safely navigating through the rapids.

If you can't do this, and you're only considering worst-case scenarios, try the other methods. And if, after these efforts, you are still very stressed, then don't force yourself. If rafting really scares you, you can start withhydrospeed or white water swimming.

Mental preparation before going rafting

Mental preparation is an important element in managing stress while rafting.

  • Avoid putting too much pressure on yourself by having too high expectations for your first run. Agree to start with courses adapted to your level and learn gradually.
  • Avoid comparing your experience to that of others. Everyone experiences things differently and it's important to focus on your own experience.
  • Try to visualize your descent before you set off. Imagine yourself sailing safely and having fun. This can help you feel more comfortable and confident.

This will allow you to better anticipate stressful situations and have confidence in your ability to overcome them.

The importance of confidence in yourself and your team

Confidence in yourself and your team is essential to managing stress while rafting. Be aware of your skills and those of your team, and remember that you are all there to have fun and enjoy the experience.

By having confidence in yourself and your team, you will be able to better manage stress and navigate safely through the rapids.

Live in the moment (stop thinking)

In addition to the previous methods, there is another simple technique to reduce stress while rafting: let yourself be carried by the water and turn off your thoughts.

When you're rafting, it's easy to get overwhelmed by thoughts and emotions. To avoid this, try to focus on the present moment and immerse yourself in the experience. Let yourself be carried away by the water and enjoy the landscape and the sensations. Try not to think about anything other than the present moment.

This technique can be especially helpful when going through difficult rapids or stressful situations. By focusing on the present moment and turning off your thoughts, you can reduce your stress levels and better handle difficult situations.

stress while rafting - photo of a boat seen from a drone

Tips to completely avoid stress while rafting!


Now that you have some techniques under your belt to reduce a possible bout of stress, here's how to avoid it in advance. In fact, most of stress management is at the preventive level 😉

Understanding Rapids Difficulty Levels

There are many classifications for rapids difficulty levels. The most common are the international classification (from I to VI) and the American classification (from I to V+). It is important to understand the meaning of these classifications to choose a suitable course.

Level I and II rapids are considered easy and suitable for beginners. Level III rapids are more technical and can be a little more difficult for beginners. Level IV rapids are considered very technical and are intended for people with solid rafting experience. Level V and VI rapids are extreme and not suitable for all levels.

Basically: choose courses with easy rapids if you are a beginner or are the anxious type 👍

Seek advice from professionals

This tip may seem obvious, but let's talk about it anyway.

Sometimes it's good to break open doors 😅

If you are not sure which route is best for you, do not hesitate to ask rafting professionals for advice.

Rafting guides and instructors can help you choose the route that best suits your skills and expectations.

Consider weather conditions

Weather conditions have a significant impact on the difficulty of the rafting course. Water levels and currents can vary greatly depending on precipitation and temperatures.

Before choosing a route, find out about the weather conditions and the state of the river.

By choosing a route adapted to your skills and expectations, you can avoid stress while rafting and fully enjoy this exciting activity. In the following section, we will introduce you to the importance of choosing a good guide to reduce stress while rafting.

The importance of a good guide to reduce stress

An experienced and knowledgeable guide is a key element in reducing stress while rafting. A good guide can help you manage your stress by giving you clear instructions, reassuring you and helping you make the right decisions in difficult situations.

A rafting guide must have solid experience in navigation and safety on the water. He must also be able to communicate clearly with his team members and reassure them in the event of a stressful situation.

He should be able to give you precise instructions on how to paddle and position yourself in the raft to maximize your safety and enjoyment.

In addition to this, a good guide should be able to assess the skill level and stress level of each member of their team and adapt accordingly. They should be able to give you clear safety instructions and reassure you if you feel stressed or anxious.

By choosing a good rafting guide, you can reduce your stress level and fully enjoy this unique experience.

Choose Crazy Water Rafting for a safe rafting experience

If you want to ensure you descend the Ubaye safely with experienced guides, Crazy Water Rafting is the perfect choice for you. Crazy Water Rafting is a professional rafting company committed to providing exceptional and safe rafting experiences to its customers.

The Crazy Water Rafting guides are all qualified and experienced professionals, who know the Ubaye and its rapids perfectly. They are trained to assess the skill and stress level of each member of their team and to adapt accordingly.

In addition to this, Crazy Water Rafting uses high quality equipment to ensure the safety of its customers. All equipment is regularly checked and maintained to guarantee its reliability.

By choosing Crazy Water Rafting, you can be assured of rafting down the Ubaye in complete safety with experienced and qualified guides. You will be able to fully enjoy this unique and exciting experience with complete confidence and safety 🙌

Note: we are located at less than an hour from Gap.

Caroline Aalbers
Caroline Aalbers
Wat een geweldige ervaring, raften over de Ubaye! Prachtige natuur, mooie afwisselende tocht (inclusief zwemmen en in het water springen!) en geschikt voor elk niveau. Onze kinderen (6 en 9 jaar) hebben een super eerste raft ervaring gehad, mede dankzij onze leuke en goede gids. Ze willen zeker nog een keer :-)
Ziga Budja
Ziga Budja
Wonderfull family rafting experience. Just a little bit too much for my sensitive eight year old, but great overall. The river is beautiful with nice surroundings. The guide was excellent (forgot his name 🙄) and the whole team was very nice. The trip down the river took about one and a half hour with some stops. If you visit this place, your're not gonna be sorry! 👍🏻
Un lieu calme et agréable, accueillit par une équipe sympathique. Mise à disposition du barbecue pour le repas du midi avant le rafting. Tout est là pour votre bonheur.
Jerome Henry
Jerome Henry
Merci @CrazyWaterRafting pour les moments géniaux en famille. Nous avons fait rafting, rando aquatique et kayak avec 2 adultes et 2 ados : génial !! Guides super sympa, très pro, Contrairement à ce que l'on entend a la télé, le niveau d'eau dans cette rivière et plus que suffisant pour s'éclater ! Nb: la rando aquatique n'est pas très connue mais super aussi, descente de la rivière en nageant, dans un secteur plus calme que celui pour le rafting. Explication sur la nature, superbe paysages, surprise à la fin... Encore merci. Jérôme, Caroline, Charlotte et Manon.
Shameer Habibi
Shameer Habibi
Really fun, and a really good guide! Overall amazing
Melanie Macias
Melanie Macias
Top top top
Lorenzo Van Loon
Lorenzo Van Loon
We did two descents, one by raft and one by kayak, both with Julien as a guide. He seems totally crazy when you first meet him, but he was a great guide and made our day. Really spectacular river, with a lot of rapids and great views. We got out of the boats to swim a bit in one of the rapids and they took us to a rock where we could jump in to the water. Julien and the crew of Crazy Water are real professionals, but in for a laugh and a joke. A pity we could'n do the 'sport' descent, because of bad weather. But we sure come back. One remark; their 'bar' is quite empty, so make sure to bring your own drinks and food if you're planning to stay for a day.
verriez virginie
verriez virginie