Rafting in France

Where to go rafting in France? 8 spots to consider

Let yourself be carried away by the excitement and adventure of rafting in France! Glide on the white waters of French rivers, discover breathtaking landscapes and feel the pleasure with each wave.

Rafting in France

Summer is fast approaching. The holidays are coming soon and with them, the traditional fun activities. In your entertainment program, you have planned rafting, but you can't identify the perfect place for this activity. No more worries! Crazy Water Rafting has selected for you the best destinations to practice this activity. Here are 8 magnificent places where you can go rafting in France!

Rafting in France

The Ubaye River

The Ubaye River, This is one of the best places for sensational rafting. The Ubaye is a beautiful river with impressive rapids and numerous courses for beginners, families and athletes.

Its descents are among the most fun in France. This mythical river has all the characteristics so loved by rafters.

It attracts people every year and many people flock from all the cities of France and even Europe to experience the pleasure of sailing on its white, fresh waters. Ubaye offers more than 50 kilometers of rapids to rafters. Beginners, experienced and athletes can venture there and practice their activity. Many courses are available and are suitable for all levels.

All white water sports enthusiasts can therefore do rafting on the Ubaye whatever their level. Ubaye is also a beautiful and magnificent landscape. We therefore suggest that you choose this pleasant river suitable for white water sports to practice your favorite leisure activity.

The Verdon Gorges in Rafting

No need for an exotic destination to enjoy a good rafting in France! See you at the Gorges du Verdon! This magnificent site in Provence-Alpes-Côte-D'azur is ideal for rafting.

Its charming cliffs, its natural but sumptuous setting and its turquoise waters do not leave you indifferent. If you want to go rafting on one of those hot summer days, the Verdon Gorges are one of the only places where you can find satisfaction.

You have numerous courses whose lengths vary between 7 and 23 kilometers to practice your leisure. In the fall or spring, the water level in the Gorges du Verdon rises considerably and there are many rapids. Which encourages the practice of intense rafting.

Isère – Rafting in France

Do you want a good round of rafting in France? Head to the Alps to satisfy this passion! A large river bordered by magnificent landscapes awaits you there. This is Isère. The adventure promises to be rich in sensations on this very busy river.

Joy, fear, ecstasy, you will go through all the emotions during this experience. Isère offers numerous routes both to people who want to take their first steps and to those who want to improve their skills.

It is also the river which offers the longest rafting descent in France. Isère indeed offers an impressive 23 km course for rafters. A descent long enough to hurtle down this river and discover it better.

The Allier Gorges

Here is a perfect place for rafting all season long without any restrictions. The Gorges de l'Allier welcome you for your activity and offer you varied rivers. Everything is ideal for practicing the sport you love. You won't get tired of your descents.

At the Gorges de l'Allier, on your raft, you become master of the waters and you sail as you wish. Beyond the rafting activity, the Gorges de l'Allier seduce with the beautiful landscape they offer. You also have an excellent view of the Romanesque churches from the site.

Rafting on the Dranse

La Dranse is one of the best destinations we offer for your descents. This river is located in the heart of the forest and allows you to be closer to nature.

During your rafting sessions, you will be able to admire the extensive vegetation that borders this river. The routes on this river are suitable for everyone. Children and adults, beginners and experienced can descend the river as they wish.

Aude in Rafting

With its many sites suitable for rafting, Aude is one of the reference destinations for good rafting in the Pyrenees (11). Several courses of varying difficulty await you on this site. If you want to share unforgettable moments with family or friends, go to Aude near Limoux.

The Doron of Bozel

Le Doron de Bozel, a peaceful and pleasant place, a little corner of paradise where wild nature asserts itself and seduces. It is a destination with many attractions. This is why it is so popular.

Not everyone can venture to Doron de Bozel for rafting. Only experienced people or those who have already experienced rafting at least once can try to go down this river.

Rafting in France: The Garonne

We cannot complete this selection without including the Garonne! More than just a river, it is a reference site for white water sports and particularly for rafting. The Garonne offers you its waters for endless rafting sessions. Alone or with your family, you will be full of emotions while going down this river.

Caroline Aalbers
Caroline Aalbers
Wat een geweldige ervaring, raften over de Ubaye! Prachtige natural, mooie afwisselende tocht (inclusief zwemmen en in het water springen!) en geschikt voor elk level. Eleven children (6 in 9 years) have a super eerste raft ervaring gehad, mede dankzij onze leuke en goede gids. You will not be able to do anything :-)
Ziga Budja
Ziga Budja
Wonderful family rafting experience. Just a little bit too much for my sensitive eight year old, but great overall. The river is beautiful with nice surroundings. The guide was excellent (forgot his name 🙄) and the whole team was very nice. The trip down the river took about one and a half hour with some stops. If you visit this place, your're not gonna be sorry! 👍🏻
A calm and pleasant place, welcomed by a friendly team. Barbecue available for lunch before rafting. Everything is there for your happiness.
Jerome Henry
Jerome Henry
Thanks @CrazyWaterRafting for the awesome family times. We did rafting, water hiking and kayaking with 2 adults and 2 teenagers: great!! Super friendly, very professional guides. Contrary to what you hear on TV, the water level in this river is more than enough to have fun! Nb: the aquatic hike is not very well known but also great, descending the river while swimming, in a quieter area than that for rafting. Explanation on nature, superb landscapes, surprise at the end... Thank you again. Jérôme, Caroline, Charlotte and Manon.
Shameer Habibi
Shameer Habibi
Really fun, and a really good guide! Overall amazing
Melanie Macias
Melanie Macias
Top top top
Lorenzo Van Loon
Lorenzo Van Loon
We did two descents, one by raft and one by kayak, both with Julien as a guide. He seems totally crazy when you first meet him, but he was a great guide and made our day. Really spectacular river, with a lot of rapids and great views. We got out of the boats to swim a bit in one of the rapids and they took us to a rock where we could jump in to the water. Julien and the crew of Crazy Water are real professionals, but in for a laugh and a joke. A pity we could'n do the 'sport' descent, because of bad weather. But we sure come back. One remark; their 'bar' is quite empty, so make sure to bring your own drinks and food if you're planning to stay for a day.
would you see virginia
would you see virginia